Friday Five | Five Favorite Workouts

Since part of my professional life is working in physical therapy, staying in shape is a priority of mine. I see so many patients every week that have preventable problems. It keeps me motivated to stay healthy. I’m not a gym-rat or a marathon runner or anything extreme. I just believe in moving my body several times a week to stay active, keep my weight down, get my heart pumping and keep things generally in motion.

Favorite Five Workouts

These change frequently because I get bored with what I am doing, or I see a need for strength or flexibility somewhere, etc. Lately, I’ve been using these as my go-tos.

1) Walking

Sounds boring, but after years of praying for back pain that would just not go away, walking was the thing that helped. I tried chiropractic care, PT (which did help a lot, but my insurance quit paying-grrr), a new mattress, massage, self-treating… back pain was there all day every day and would prevent me from standing for longer than 15 minutes or walking farther than 1/4 mile without pain. Lots of prayer and a few months of walking, eliminating bad shoes and twisting and extension motions in my spine, and I am generally pain free now! This was a 3+ year problem. Walking is so beneficial for you. Really, research it. It’s amazing. I love my walks!

2.) This Yoga Routine

If I am feeling particularly weak in my arms or like I am needing some flexibility and don’t want to sacrifice cardio, I work out to this YouTube video. I have to modify the upward dog and back extension exercises, though. Even though I have the flexibility and strength for that movement, it aggravates my back pain, as mentioned above. It’s a good one!

3.) Just Dance Now app

This is for when I want to have fun with my kids but also work out a little. If you pick the right ones, you get a great work out! We use the app on our iPad and then your phone becomes your controller for points. When my kids want to play, they just don’t use my phone and dance along. We got this app when our Wii bit the dust. The app is around $4/month and we use it enough, that it’s worth it.

4.) This Barre Routine

This is a very good barre YouTube video. I do it semi-frequently and it seems like I am always struggling my way through it. There is in-shape and then there is barre/pilates in-shape and they are totally different if you ask me! Working those smaller muscles for such a long time is such a challenge. I will use these videos until I can pony up the dough for a good gym again. I miss Pilates classes!

5.) This HIIT Work Out

For when I feel like nearly killing myself in only 15 minutes, this does the trick! I haven’t done this one in a while, but for the last couple days I feel myself getting bored in my workouts again, so this will be next on my list. It’s a good one. I like her a lot.

Go get em!