Friday Five | My 5 Favorite Vacations

Vacations are what I work for! I don’t shop that often. I never buy books- I use the library. I feel like I am never worried about new clothes or shoes- I wear the same stuff all the time. Vacations! That’s where I want to spend my money. Luckily, I have a hubby that agrees with me. He will drive an old car forever just so we can save money for a yearly trip or two. It’s so important to us to get away from it all and enjoy our family and parts of our country and world we have always wanted to see. We have so many bucket list places we still haven’t been, but these are a few of our very favorites that we have had the privilege of being able to see so far.

1.) Oahu

This was our fist vacation we ever booked. I had finally finished school and was actually getting a paycheck again, and so after 2 years of marriage we were able to go on a honeymoon! We fell in love with Hawaii. It is busy in Honolulu, but if you travel around the island, you’ll find lonely stretches of beaches where there are no people, awesome hikes and views for days.

Favorites: hike Diamond Head, visit Kailua beach and the North Shore, take a catamaran ride, go to Pearl Harbor, walk up and down Waikiki as far as your little legs will take you!

2.) Denver

We went to Denver last September for just a couple days and it blew me away. I loved hiking and exploring. It’s just so different than what we are used to. People there must get so much exercise because there are trails literally everywhere. We loved it, but won’t go back with our kids until they are able to keep up with us, for sure!

Favorites: Visit Red Rocks, go to Colorado Springs and see the Garden of the Gods, turn on the All Trails app on our phone and just find a place to go!

3.) Charleston

We have day-tripped to Charleston several times now from other places and it is always my favorite day of the vacation. I love the history, the beautiful homes, the southern hospitality and the food. Even the cemeteries are really neat to look through. It’s a must-do.

4.) Williamsburg, VA

This trip was a last-minute opportunity Nick and I took advantage of right before having kids. We loved it so much, it surprised us. We always say that we’ll take the boys when they are learning about US history so they can experience some of the things they learn about. It’s beautiful, historical and there is a ton to do.

Favorites: tour historic Williamsburg (and gawk at all the stunning homes), day-trip to Washington DC, day-trip to Virginia Beach, spend lots of time at the pool because it is HOT there in the summer, good grief.

5.) Maui

You just can’t beat Hawaii. Maui was stunning, relaxing, so fun, and pretty expensive so we had to save up for it for a long time. We celebrated 10 years in Maui and it was worth every red cent. I feel like I don’t even need to say anything else, it sells itself! Ha!

Favorites: road to Hana, hike to waterfalls, walk on black sand beaches, eat fish tacos at Lelainai’s, get shave ice in Lahaina. Ohhhh I can’t wait to go back!