In their own words | A story of healing, Mishawaka, IN

A beautiful friend of ours had a very scary experience in September.

She had a medical emergency that was treated locally. For further treatment, she went to Norhtwestern and had a surgery, the first of it’s kind performed there. Recently, they have started writing a story featuring her amazing recovery. I was happy to take the pictures for this story, and I’ll share those below. I will also link the story and her video package that will be coming from Northwestern at a later date.

Here are the updates we received on Facebook from her husband as it was happening:

With my medical background, I was scared and I was praying! This girl needed God and needed great doctors. She had both. They got her to the point where she was able to go home and start her recovery there. She and her husband updated us periodically on Facebook.

She went to have her embolization done at Northwestern and again, we got some updates.

She is now able to again homeschool her kids, play her piano and sing, and get around without walkers and other equipment. She still has things she is working on, but she knows God is working on it! I can’t wait to share more of her testimony when the videos are available. Until then, enjoy some of the pictures for the hospital story.