Friday Five | 5 Pics of "Dad"

Happy Father’s Day Weekend! I’m a day late getting this out, but I’m a whole day early for Father’s Day! In celebration, here are 5 of my favorite pictures of kids with their dad from the last year.


How could I not put my own first? How could I limit it to just one? He’s such an amazing dad, never too tired to play with the kids after working, always the fun guy. It takes work and frequent heart-checks to not become jealous of my boys’ relationships with their daddio.



A force-fed spoonful of root beer float and a dad with a good attitude about it. (Ok, maybe it’s not so hard to have a good attitude about that!).



Love this one because of the look on Dad’s face! He is so smitten with that baby. How sweet.



Another one - the look on dad’s face as he enjoys his kids is so special.



I should throw at least one portrait in here. These little guys have one of the best dads around. Cuties.