Learn Photography | A Self-Study PDF & Video Instruction Course

Many local students have taken my Basics of Photography course. Lately, I’ve fielded questions about teaching others that aren’t local, or that just can’t get away from their homes on a Saturday morning. Maybe others want something they can review and reference any time they want.

This course is the answer to those issues. I’ve worked hard on putting together 3 PDFs with over 50 pages each and with loads and loads of examples. I’ve recorded and edited over 25 video instructions to make sure you have a real teacher in the process.

How to know if this course is right for you:

  • Have you recently purchased a “big camera”, and want to learn to use it?

  • Do you want to know the basics, so you can take better photos?

  • Are you looking for one-on-one coaching and mentoring to help you improve your photography skills?

  • Do you want to belong to a private group where you can openly ask questions and get advice?


Several students have gone on to even charge for their photography. How exciting is that! Whether your goal is to simply take better pictures of your kids, or to have a business, this course will help you get going. These are some of the reviews of the course:

Excellent beginners course, especially everything explained in laymen’s terms.


Great! I feel much more confident that I can take good pictures.


The workshop was amazing. I love all the examples that were given, and also how after each “subject” we actually practiced with our camera. Super hands on, and answered all questions. Thanks so much!


[The] workshop was very informative, [I] feel much more able to use my camera creatively now, after 5 years of having it!


I learned how to use manual settings on my camera, and I even feel confident explaining them to others now. Lindsey was awesome!


I loved that the course covered basic photography that will help with iPhone photos, but more advanced settings that I can use for “fancy” photos with my camera.

There was so much to take away and practice right away.


This was great! I don’t feel afraid of my camera. [I’m] more overwhelmed/excited to start playing around so I don’t forget.


I really enjoyed the class. Cannot wait to go out and try new things.



This course will cover

  • Composition

  • Lighting

  • Manual Mode Photography (Exposure Triangle and how to use your camera buttons/modes)

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