Friday Five | Five Things I'm Loving Right Now

Hey! Friday, friday, friday! How exciting. Today, I am dishing on 5 things I’m loving at the moment. Have you guys ever had a favorite things party? I had my first one this winter and it was so fun. It’s a fun way to share your favorite things with your favorite people. Google it and throw one! You’ll love it.

These are 5 things I’m loving.

1.) House plants

I’m not much of a green thumb with indoor plants, but I have managed to keep a few alive lately indoors. I am on the hunt for a snake plant. I’ve had them before and they are really easy to care for, but I have not been able to find one in any store recently. I’ve checked at least 5 places so far. If you see one, let me know! They are hard to kill, a little bit structural, and they bring the outdoors in, which I love!


2.) Frasier

We started this on Netflix since Nick has never seen it before. It’s so funny. I forgot how much I loved it when it was on. There are 11 seasons, I think… so you can watch this one for a while!

3.) Yeti cup

I won this Yeti cup at The Reset Conference during the door prizes. Never have I won a thing, so I was so excited when they called my name. Honestly, I wasn’t that thrilled about the prize. How ungrateful! I totally regret my initial reaction, because this thing is the bomb. Super cold water is my favorite. I fill a cup as full with ice as possible and then fill the rest with water. My old Tervis, which I thought was so awesome, has no ice left by mid-day. This Yeti, though?! The ice stays ice forever! Multiple refills a day still on the same ice. I am seriously in love.

4.) Volcano Candle

A sweet friend gave me this candle and I love it. I keep saving it because I’ll be sad when it’s gone. I need to order a few more so I can burn them all day, every day.

5.) James on Jeopardy

I am writing this in April, so maybe he lost his magic touch by now. This guy is a phenom. He has been so fun to watch as he racks up the money. Genius! Any one else out there a Jeopardy fan?

Happy weekend, guys!