Silly Kids | Mishawaka Family Photographer

Blair always describes her kids as “silly”. This session was so fun to edit because of all the silliness. Every few pictures, I was dying laughing. It might be because we are such good friends and I know this level of silliness personally. It might also be because her middle and my youngest (I guess he is my middle now, too… I should probably start calling him that!) are so funny together and act a lot alike. I kept a few of the super funny, I’m-totally-over-you-Lindsey, looks they were giving me in the bunch for your viewing pleasure!

This session was a reschedule (rain, rain, please go away), and we lucked out with a beautiful night. I was tempted to call the entire calendar left of sessions and tell them to meet me at the park. It might be our last chance for a pretty evening! I hope not (as I sit here typing to the sound of a downpour outside. Again.)

Enjoy this pretty session and these familiar faces. They’ve been on the business side of my camera so many times and referred so many families to me. Grateful!