Friday Five | Five of My Favorite Personal Pictures and Why

Today, I thought it’d be fun to share five of my favorite personal pictures. This might become a regularly scheduled post, because it’s super hard to pick favorites, guys!



Oh man. I love this one. Waiting for almost 6 years to see a positive pregnancy test is a difficult test of faith, but the joy that comes with it… what a blessing. I just think this picture is a lot of love in a little rectangle.

It’s one of my favorites ever and it took almost no planning. I had finally come out of the first trimester crumminess. I didn’t take any pictures of anyone or anything the first trimester. Laying on the couch and in bed was all I felt well enough to do. Finally, I felt okay and felt like taking a picture to celebrate. I noticed this light coming in the window the evening before, and I thought to myself, “I am going to take a self portrait tomorrow at this time of day.” I am terrible at self-portraits. I don’t take them very often and I never share them! Bad, bad. But, I wanted to document this amazing blessing I was carrying.

I had a greasy ponytail, my white tank top and I’m sure pajamas. I quickly looked in my closet for something white to wear on the bottom to match my tank and found this skirt I haven’t worn in a really long time. I couldn’t zip it, so I just put that to the back and you’d never know if I didn’t tell you. I grabbed this little blouse a friend gave me at church and I thought… this will do! Ha! Nick walked by in his grey Mickey Mouse t-shirt, and I called him in and told him to hold my belly like so and give me a kiss. Self portraits are easier when you have a hunky man to take one with. That’s it! Magic <3



After all that meaning in the first picture, this one has none at all. I have just always loved this blueberry picture! I have it printed in my house, weirdly, and even more weirdly, get a lot of compliments on it! It makes me hungry.



I love this! Attack of the little brother! Who cares if you have a water balloon? I have all the power! Hahahahaha. This picture was shared by a photography group on Instagram and got a lot of likes. Maybe they were all little siblings and enjoyed the revenge. I love using very fast shutter speeds on water pictures - this is a great example of that.



I just love this one. Ben helping Rocco on the zipline at the playground. I love the associated memory of him lifting him up. It was really the first summer they played really well together. As a mom, you have to cling to the times when they are getting along and being helpful with one another, right? I also like the slow shutter speed and how it isolated them in their zoom across the playground.



Just a darling portrait of my boys I took this December. It’s still my phone background. I love their faces. <3

Have a great Friday!