Family Photography Sessions - Expectations vs. Reality

Family Pictures

They can really be the worst, can’t they? Our expectations are sky high:

We want our families coordinated, on their best behavior, smiling right at the camera, lovey-dovey and beautiful. Instead, you have a stranger shoving a camera in your face while you try and awkwardly pose in stiff, uncomfortable clothing in a strange location while interacting in ways you never normally would.

The reality:

I don’t think I can change all of that, but I can agree with you to make it fun! I want you to have a laid-back, comfortable experience with me from start to finish. I will get to know you as best as I can through a phone call, meeting and questionnaire. This will ease a lot of the tension. So will getting to know me a little so the stranger aspect isn’t weird!

I’m married to my youth-group sweetheart, I have two beautiful boys and I love Jesus. Dr. Pepper has a serious hold over me, being outside is way better than being inside, and vacations are life.

I can’t pick a favorite anything, but if I had to: Hawaii is the best state, Charleston is the best city, peonies are the best flower and Redeeming Love is the best book.

I shoot in a relaxed, lifestyle manner. I may adjust your body and hands but it’s only so you look your best. I won’t ask for smiles the whole time, and I’ll ask you to do silly things, but the result is a photo I hope you will treasure forever.

You can expect to spend an hour or so with me. Some families are ready right away and burn out quickly, while others take some warming up and need a little longer. By the time we are done, we will have captured the essence of your family the way they are right now.

I believe photographs are important. You probably don’t need to look further than the phone in your hand to realize that. This is the most photographed generation ever to live, yet I would bet you’ve printed just a handful of those snapshots in recent years.

Why go through the planning of family pictures? Because they are important. I value photographs more since my father and both remaining grandparents died within a year of one another. The pictures were all I wanted. They matter. They matter to you, they matter to me, and they will matter to your children one day more than you will every know.

I am so happy we have found each other. Delivering beautiful galleries & family films brings me true joy.

When I photograph your family, I aim to capture honesty, authenticity, and a genuine connection. I hope to give your family an unforgettable day and create an experience to help you tell your story for generations to come.

Presenting photographs that makes you grin from ear to ear (or even shed a happy tear or two) is a dream job. Getting family pictures done is worth it, even when our expectations are so high! The kind reviews I receive make me think you guys think so, too!