Grandma and Grandpa's House | Plymouth Family Film

The Stulls invited me back to their farmhouse in Plymouth to capture their favorite activities with their grandchildren this year. This was a fun opportunity to see what things change and what things stay the same over the course of a year. Their film from last year can be watched here.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: if these were my grandparents, I’d never want to leave their house. They have created a little kiddie-wonderland. Inside, outside, wherever you go, there is something amazing.

This year, you can find them playing Legos, collecting rocks, baking, painting, playing on the swing-set or in the playhouse, or riding 4-wheelers around the property. In the evening, they love to catch lightning bugs and make s’mores.

Personally, I love how little Ethan carries around a stack of crackers for almost the entire 2 hours. Can you spot them? I also love to watch Grandma’s busy hands. They tie aprons, knead dough, place rings, hold toddlers and sprinkle flour. Once I noticed her talking about Grandma Fox (her mother), I began noticing foxes all over the house. Observation is so important in these film sessions. It’s what I love about them.

Enjoy this film. I would love to work with your family next year.